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My name is Amber, I live in Austin, TX and I’m your typical girly girl who obsesses over all things beauty, makeup and fashion! I’ve also been lucky enough to work with, train or be mentored by beauty experts around the world. From makeup to hair, nails, fashion, health and fitness, I’ve learned so many great things. So why not share my tips, advice and tricks with other girls who share my passion for all things beauty and don’t mind picking up the occasional hidden gem budget beauty product.

One of the things that I absolutely love within the world of beauty is finding quality products at an inexpensive cost! I personally don’t believe in buying something for the “lable” or because of it’s fancy packaging. Some of my holy grail products are actually purchased from the drug store or didn’t come wrapped in standard packaging. I’d love to share my honest reviews on products’ my tips on how to stay up to date with the latest fashion without breaking the bank and all other things us girls can’t get enough of. ‎I guess you could call it the beauty on a budget component of my blog.

What else?

Other things I enjoy are Coffee, reading, reading while drinking coffee, trying new coffee shops, cooking, traveling, walking aimlessly for hours in any beauty store swatching my arms and the back of my hand till there isnt any room left, healthy living (a must) and the gym aka my favorite place to be! Did I mention that I like coffee? I might even like coffee as much as I love beauty or finding a great budget beauty product…it probably depends on what time of day you ask me!




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